CLA and the Good Benefits Of Grass Fed Organic Beef
Posted by DiamondMorsen, 04/03/2012 10:03 am
grass fed organic beef

The benefits of grass fed organic beef is plentiful as compared to the conventionally raised beef which meat consumers normally bought in supermarkets. If you are aware of the health benefits brought by an organic beef, one of the nutrients it is popular is CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This essential fat cannot be produced by our human bodies, but only through eating meat from ruminants such as grass fed organic beef, goat, lamb, and other animals digesting plant-based food by initially grinding it in the first compartment of their stomach.

If you are a health conscious, CLA can be of great help in ensuring a fit and slimmer body. Below are benefits of Conjugated Linoleic Acid by including grass fed organic beef in your diet.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid can help in fat regulation by the body. According to Pennington Biomedical Research Center, CLA play two roles in losing body fat, first is it allows faster human metabolic process, and secondly in conversion of fats into energy to fuel the body instead of storing it.


Like Omega-3 with functions of an anti-oxidant, CLA have many advantages in ensuring good health for those who are taking plenty amount of it. It is responsible in taking care of our heart by reducing cholesterol levels and as well fight the stages of cancer spanning from formation to progression. CLA makes it possible by increasing the ability of the body to absorb fat soluble nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin D. It also regulates the production and growth of new cells for a normal cellular function.

Beef cuts from Grass fed organic beef is one of the guilt-free meat along with pastured pork are pastured goat. Since the animals which are sources of these meats are grown in a natural and organic pasture, they tend to improve their own immunity without the use of antibiotics and other artificial medications. As a result, grass fed organic beef tend to produce healthier meat, without additions that can peril human health.


Organic Beef: A Way Towards Healthier Environment
Posted by DiamondMorsen, 01/27/2012 6:34 am


Choosing organic beef and vegetables is becoming a trend in supermarkets. The very fact that an organic meat is totally safe and healthy food to be served for the family is one reason to purchase a natural, flavorful and nutritious beef. However, the benefits of organic beef does not limit on wellness advantages alone, the cows producing this healthy meat have a great contribution in helping our environment to be a better place to live in.


organic  beef organic  beef


Keeping a healthy environment has been a great challenge in this industrial era. Considering the pollution that roam around air, water, and soil, it seems that there are no possible solutions that the earth will be back in its natural grandeur. Yet, there is still a way, and that is through promoting natural biodiversity through organic farming. Raising animals like organic beef and crops without chemical additions of antibiotics, hormones, and fertilizers is not just giving more people a taste to a healthier organic food, but also giving nature a chance to prove the world that it has the capability to provide men sources of living without creating poison to our destructing ozone layer.

By choosing organic beef, people are promoting the awareness of sustainable farming. Raising organic beef is practical since people do not have to grow corn and grains to be fed on livestock. Truly, grains can make the cattle grow faster, but it is not the nature of steers to eat grains as their digestive system are designed to munch on grass. Planting grains usually need much pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that results to a cattle food full of chemicals. These chemicals normally give adverse effects to the health of the cattle and as well to the people who will be the consumers of meat products.

Raising healthy organic beef is producing healthy food. With many people choosing organic food for their tables, they are encouraging more farmers to practice organic farming which is a key to a healthier environment.


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